A Few Interesting Things

Just a quick note of a few things I saw today that I thought might interest you.

First – Interective Novella / Wordy Game

My writer-friend Barry Napier’s interactive game/story Buried got a write-up in TIME magazine, no less. Bottom line seems to be that they liked the writing and the story but didn’t find enough “game” in it.


…you’re basically reading an illustrated yarn you can opt to reread with different story forks, and Buried is diverting enough–a $2.99 short story that’s maybe pushing novella length if you circle back to see its alternative outcomes. Just know that, in the places where you might expect gameplay to be, it’s missing in action.

If you have been looking for the next step in book evolution, well, Buried might be just your thing.

Book release

Also newsworthy is that, as it happens, Barry’s latest book for small genre publisher SeveredPress is out and it looks great.


Clarkton Lake is a picturesque vacation spot located in rural Virginia, great for fishing, skiing, and wasting summer days away.

But this summer, something is different. When butchered bodies are discovered in the water and along the muddy banks of Clarkton Lake, what starts out as a typical summer on the lake quickly turns into a nightmare.

Buy Serpentine on Amazon.

Many Genres. No Limits. Just Good Stories.


Fireside Fiction are having a subscription drive.

This is really one of the finer magazines out there and I strongly suggest you take a look and subscribe on their site or through Patreon.

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