7 Book Photos

I recently bought an iPad, and it lets me take photos of stuff and share right away. I understand people do this with food and children.

Not me. You see, I’m a book person and so I take photos of books.

This is my recent loot from Barnes & Noble.

The Cover of the excellent Something Wicked This Way Comes.

A passage from The Twelve.

I met Neil Gaiman once, and he signed a book for me. 

 I also met Michael Ondaatje once, and he signed a book. My favorite book (one of them, at least). I was so in awe of him when I met him that I could hardly talk to him.

The cover of my Everyman’s Library edition of Heart of Darkness 

Drood. Excellent cover, great book.

This concludes my photopost. Now have a great day.

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