My Writing Goals for 2016

1. Complete a first draft of my novel, Sand & Glass, by Nov 1st 2016.

2. Complete revisions of Sand & Glass by Dec 1st 2016

5-Year Plan

Publish Sand & Glass, Dreamstones and Daniel’s Ghosts.
Publish 10 stories in publications that grant Hugo-award eligibility.
Get one play produced with one of two major theaters in Iceland

1-Year plan

Complete Sand & Glass.
Complete final version of 3 plays
Secure an agent for Sand & Glass.
Submit 1 new story to a publication with more prestige or circulation than any of my previous credits.

To achieve these plans, I need to complete the following monthly and daily tasks:

Monthly tasks:

Update outline for Sand & Glass to reflect the previous month’s writing
Create/update list of possible agents for the book.
Write 20,000 words on Sand &  Glass or short stories

Daily task:

Write 500 words


I did not manage any of these goals in 2015. I got sidetracked by playwriting, though the play was produced professionally as part of Reykjavík’s 2016 Art Festival.

I have made little or no progress on any novels.

That changes now.

500 words daily.

500 words daily.

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