Author Interview | Alden Bell

"If the literary crowd is keeping itself from the pleasures of zombie fiction, then it's doing itself a disservice." - Alden Bell, author of The Reapers are the Angels. I love the internet, I really do. The other day I bought a book called The Reapers are the Angels. It is good and was nominated… Continue reading Author Interview | Alden Bell

The World’s Best Novellas

The novella is the bastard child of the book world. Novellas the hushed-up offspring of novelist's one-night stands with typewriters. They are the awkward middle-child. Novellas are not long enough to be allowed into the novel club, and yet too long to be read in a single sitting. In paperback, they look flimsy and short… Continue reading The World’s Best Novellas

One Simple Way to Improve Your Writing

Of all the writing advice out there, and believe me there is a lot, only one has had a marked impact on my writing.The advice comes from Dan Simmons, author of The Terror (highly recommend), Drood and the Hugo-award winning Hyperion, and it is the following:"We may not really be what we eat, as the saying goes, but… Continue reading One Simple Way to Improve Your Writing