Short stories

3 Awesome Recent Short Stories

While I thought that widespread Kindle ownership would lead to more people reading short stories I’m not sure it has. Do you, for example, (if you own a Kindle that is) read more short stories? Whether you do or not, here are three recent short stories that are simple excellent and I highly recommend. (They […]


Monsters, Monsters Everywhere.

When was the last time you read something truly disturbing? Well, I have a story in an anthology out in a few days from Bloodshot Books, Not Your Average Monster 2, that I think is the creepiest thing I’ve ever written. The anthology is a collection of monster short stories, but without vampires, werewolves and ghosts. […]


The Magic of Short Stories

For the first post on the new setup, I give you a great quote on short stories from Michael Kelly, the man behind Shadows & Tall Trees and Best Weird Fiction anthologies. I love short stories. I love the way they whisk you away to another place. I love how compact short stories are. You […]