Are Genre Short Stories Better Than Novels?

I just interviewed Ellen Datlow for Bookriot, and that interview will be posted sometime next week (probably). In the meantime, here is Ellen on the power of the supernatural short story versus the novel, a sentiment I agree with. "I think that fiction of the supernatural works better in the shorter forms for the simple … Continue reading Are Genre Short Stories Better Than Novels?

Three Horror Trends that Need to Disappear

Great post from Barry Napier. Reblogged for your perusal and also partly to test how WordPress reblogging function works.


While working on my first novel that only barely touches the realm of the supernatural, I am also outlining another project.  This project is certainly going to rely heavily on the supernatural element, but I would not go so far as to call it horror.  It’s a ghost story more than anything.

I understand that for those not overly familiar with the genre, a ghost story is a horror story. I initially begged to differ. While a ghost story can deliver chills and genuine frights, my first reaction is to not call it a horror story.  And honestly, this bothers me.

When did horror become more about gore and shock value than the actual scary moments and sense of anxiousness and dread?  There are more than fifty movies released within the past five years or so that could be blamed for what I find to be a pretty disappointing state…

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Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror

Geoffrey Liu

Geoffrey Liu is the new managing editor of eHorror (a magazine in which I have had a story, The Dreamgiver).  I tracked Geoffrey down, strapped him to a chair, turned off the lights and asked him a few questions about horror as a genre, and the current state of the publishing world. Take a gander. … Continue reading Asking Editors Questions | Geoffrey Liu of eHorror