Windowsill Cowboy – Short Story

Here's a short story I wrote in about 15 minutes at a drink-and-write event that Willona Sloan held at last year's Reykjavik Literature Festival. This is what 7 years of writing practice gets you. Enjoy. Windowsill Cowboy Thomas sat on his favorite windowsill in the living room and looked out at the sun set over the … Continue reading Windowsill Cowboy – Short Story

Let’s Talk! Dialogue in Fiction

Dialogue is part of writing that many writers get wrong, or misunderstand.  It shouldn't. I've taken three short-story writing courses and in the first one we were to write a short story that was heavy on dialogue. Most of the people taking the class, me included, were anxious about writing dialogue. So here's what I … Continue reading Let’s Talk! Dialogue in Fiction