It´s Official: When We Were Animals is Sublime.

When the moon was out, you could be aware of all the pieces of night—you could see all the things you didn’t see during the day, all the subtle little fragments that the world uses to join its wholes. When you read on your Kindle, you can higlight passages you like. You know this, right?… Continue reading It´s Official: When We Were Animals is Sublime.

Book Review: V.E. Schwab´s A Darker Shade of Magic

There are four Londons in this excellent fantasy by V.E. Schwab; Grey London is the normal Londob we all know and love, Red London is a London in another world, filled with magic and wonder, White London is a harsh place, full of wickedness and a stark desperation. And then there’s Black London, but we… Continue reading Book Review: V.E. Schwab´s A Darker Shade of Magic

A Year of Great Books (with a small baby-pause)

As you should know, dear reader, I am a contributor to Bookriot. Every month, we write a mega-post where each contributor writes about the best book they read that month. Here are nine of the books I've picked in the last 12 months as my favorite that month. These books have the official Johann Thorsson… Continue reading A Year of Great Books (with a small baby-pause)


I just finished Ryan Holiday's Trust Me, I'm Lying, and have lost my faith in the news. Sorry... no photos of Kate Middleton here, nude or otherwise. The title is created in the spirit of Trust Me, I'm Lying, which is about the way we are tricked into clicking links to stories with little or… Continue reading LEAKED: PHOTOS OF KATE MIDDLETON NUDE!

Book Review: Dreams of Dust

Dreams of Dust* is a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories by Jeff Shelton Davies. It contains three stories, all rather long short stories (is that novellas? Novellettes?) The first story, Devil Come-A-Calling, is a dark fantasy that takes place in a wild-west setting. Jeff pulls the setting, tone and atmosphere off very well,… Continue reading Book Review: Dreams of Dust