A Story of Success and Failure

"You've been writing a bit, haven't you?" This is a question I get more and more and my answer is always a shy and slightly embarrassed "Yeah, a bit," while thinking that it's a tiny amount that won't impress anyone. In answering the question I always worry the other person will listen and then say "What, … Continue reading A Story of Success and Failure

3 Awesome Recent Short Stories

While I thought that widespread Kindle ownership would lead to more people reading short stories I'm not sure it has. Do you, for example, (if you own a Kindle that is) read more short stories? Whether you do or not, here are three recent short stories that are simple excellent and I highly recommend. (They … Continue reading 3 Awesome Recent Short Stories

The Best First Sentence of the Year?

I'm reading Undertow Publication's excellent anthology Year's Best Weird Fiction Volume Two. It was there I encountered the following sentence, the first in the story Loving Armageddon by Amanda C. Davis: She presses her cheek to the center of his chest, listening to the beat of his hand-grenade heart. Now. Here's why I think this is awesome. There's … Continue reading The Best First Sentence of the Year?

5 Interesting New Markets for Short Stories

Here are 5 new publishers looking for your stories. They vary in the things they are looking for and how much they pay but they all look very interesting. 1.After the Happily Ever After (AHEA) Anthology Transmundane Press are looking for more stories for their After the Happily Ever After anthology. Do you think the … Continue reading 5 Interesting New Markets for Short Stories