The Reviews are In!

Today is release day for GARDEN OF FIENDS! Take a look at these early reviews: For those who don't know, Garden of Fiends is an anthology of addiction-themed horror, and it contains a tiny story by me along with longer pieces by some great writers. "There's something here to scare anyone and everyone. Garden of Fiends… Continue reading The Reviews are In!

The Wonderful World of Michael Swanwick

I don't remember what the first story I read by Michael Swanwick is. But I do remember the feeling I got as I read it. It's the same feeling I got when I first read stories by Neil Gaiman, Kelly Link and Lucius Shepard. That amazing, wow-this-is-talent feeling. Michael Swanwick is one of many authors… Continue reading The Wonderful World of Michael Swanwick

The Paper Menagerie – Book review

You should have read one of Ken Liu's stories by now. You really should. Ken Liu is one of the brightest new stars of the science fiction and fantasy fields. He's won all the awards and had stories in all the main magazines, often reprinted in "Best of" anthologies. So yeah, you should really have… Continue reading The Paper Menagerie – Book review

Wow! That Was Awesome! (The Builders book review)

A mouse, a badger, an owl, a salamander a mole and stout.... walk into a bar. So begins Daniel Polansky's Novella The Builders, part of's new novella imprint. The Story The description above is not a setup for a joke but the beginning of Daniel Polansky's awesome novella, The Builders. It tells the story of… Continue reading Wow! That Was Awesome! (The Builders book review)

The Last Policeman – Book Review

The Last Policeman, along with its sequels, was the best thing I read in September. Here's a little about the book. The first of a trilogy, The Last Policeman tells the story of Henry Palace, a recently-promoted-to-detective cop in a small town in New Hampshire who is investigating a murder that most everyone else wants… Continue reading The Last Policeman – Book Review

These Last Embers, Book Recommendation (too bad it’s sold out).

I really like indie publishers, especially ones taking chances in these uncertain times. Undertow is one of my favorites, and they putting out nothing but quality. This is a chapbook from Undertow, These Last Embers by the very talented Simon Strantzas. This particular copy is signed copy by the author, copy 83 of only 200.… Continue reading These Last Embers, Book Recommendation (too bad it’s sold out).

Book Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Doctor Avrana Kern just wanted to save the human race. A space station orbits a terraformed planet, destinied to be humanity's new home. Aboard are some of the greatest scientific minds, including polymath Avrana Kern, whose life has been leading up to this moment, where a group of monkeys is to be delivered to the… Continue reading Book Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

It´s Official: When We Were Animals is Sublime.

When the moon was out, you could be aware of all the pieces of night—you could see all the things you didn’t see during the day, all the subtle little fragments that the world uses to join its wholes. When you read on your Kindle, you can higlight passages you like. You know this, right?… Continue reading It´s Official: When We Were Animals is Sublime.