The Best Writing of the Week – Tender is the Night

Do you ever read books simply for the prose?  In an attempt to improve my writing I do this a fair bit and am now reading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. It was there I came across the following description that, as it happens, is also the best written thing I’ve read all […]

The Best First Sentence of the Year?

I’m reading Undertow Publication’s excellent anthology Year’s Best Weird Fiction Volume Two. It was there I encountered the following sentence, the first in the story Loving Armageddon by Amanda C. Davis: She presses her cheek to the center of his chest, listening to the beat of his hand-grenade heart. Now. Here’s why I think this is awesome. There’s […]

The Best Writing of The Week | Harlan Ellison

Neil Gaiman told me to read Harlan Ellison, and if Mr. Gaiman says something, I obey. (This is also why I read Susanna Clarke’s Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) I come relatively late to Harlan Ellison but am not sorry for it; I’m glad there’s something this good out there still left for me to […]

The Best Writing of the Week | Toni Morrison

I’m reading one of those books that I kept hearing about, again and again, but never really wanted to read. Then I bought and read the very excellent Thomas C. Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor. He puts the book in question in his “Literature Masterclass”, with three other works of staggering genius: […]

The Most Disturbing Writing of the Week

So, every now and then I come across writing that is so good that I feel an urge to share (see for instance here, here, here and here). This time, however, I have something a little different. The author’s name is Poppy Z. Brite and the book is The Living Dead. The Living Dead is an […]

The Best Writing of the Week | Elmore Leonard

I’m just finishing up Elmore Leonard’s short story collection, Fire in the Hole. The book has nine stories that are all of the very highest quality and I bought it for two main reasons: I wanted to get a taste for Mr. Leonard, whom I had not read before and… it contains a short story, Fire […]

The Best Writing of the Week

I’m currently reading a number of books, as is often the case. I’m sure there’s a word for it. These include but are not limited to, UnMarketing, Trust Me I’m Lying, A Tale of Two Cities, Fire in the Hole and The Half-Made World. The following is a passage from The Half-Made World, a steampunk […]