The Simple Thing it Takes to Become a Writer

In his book The Art of War for Writers, James Scott Tell tells us the secret to becoming a successful novelist.

…there is one discipline that stands above all else in the quest for writing success. I was fortunate to get this lesson early in my writing pursuit, and took it to heart. It is the single biggest reason I was published in the first place, and have produced the books I have.

It is, simply, this:


The daily recording of the number of words you write is an invaluable incentive to get your work done. But set your goals on a weekly basis…

If something comes up on one day that prevents you from writing your quota, you just make it up later in the week.

The Art of War far Writers

It sounds simple.

Just set a goal for the week. 5,000 words is sensible, but even just 2,500 is fine. Hell, 1,500 is good.

1,500 words a week is 78,000 words in a year.

A novel made with just five days of 300 words per week, for one year.

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