5 Interesting New Markets for Short Stories

Here are 5 new publishers looking for your stories.

They vary in the things they are looking for and how much they pay but they all look very interesting.

1.After the Happily Ever After (AHEA) Anthology

Transmundane Press are looking for more stories for their After the Happily Ever After anthology.

Do you think the Happily Ever After ending in clichéd and overdone? Ever wonder what happened to Snow White after she met her prince? Did Jasmine and Aladdin disagree on how to rule? Was Ariel happy with a man that fell in love with a pretty, mute, little girl? Was Sleeping Beauty really an undercover agent that secretly infiltrated the kingdom? Did Goldilocks get sent to the insane asylum after her encounter with the three bears? Take on both perspectives. Keep the happily ever after ending, make the characters fight and fall in love again, send the princes on challenging new missions, give the princesses a mission, or make the couples divorced and trying to maneuver child custody in their new lives. Whatever your idea, be sure these characters experience something new so that the reader will, too.

What they are looking for:

-Flash fiction: 100-800 words
-Short Shorts: 800-2,000 words
-Short Stories: 2,000-7,500 words

What they pay:

Payments will be determined on a sliding scale as per word count ($5 for stories under 2,000 words and between $10 and $20 for 2,000 and up, depending on the severity of editing needed), plus three author copies (two print and one electronic).

For details: Transmundane submission page.

BONUS: Transmundane Press is also open to novels.

We are actively looking for new authors to publish, so if you have a novel hidden away in a drawer or a box in the closet (or a super-secret file on your external hard drive), PLEASE send it to us at transmundanepress@gmail.com.

2. Gallery of Curiosities (podcast)

Gallery of Curiosities

Gallery of Curiosities is a story podcast that comes along whenever they have managed to put together a new show. This is a paying audio fiction market catering to the steampunk and retro-futurist niche, as well as those who like good audio fiction during their commute

What they’re looking for:

Weird fiction. Horror. Steampunk. Mad science. Goth. Interesting. Holiday themes on the above for when those times of the year roll around.

Original short stories up to 7500 words. We don’t like flash fiction as much as short stories but you never know, we might need to tuck one in now and then. Did we mention how much we like to be scared?

What they pay:

At present time we are offering a penny a word. We know, this is not the pro rate, but right now, it is the best we can do.

For details: Gallery of Curiosities

3. A Two Dame Production Summer Special Anthology

A Two Dame Production is now accepting submissions for its Summer 2016 anthology. The theme of the anthology is Fairy Tales, so send us your best rendering of your favorite fairy tale!

Stretch your boundaries and do more than just add sex to a fairy tale. For example, take the protagonist of the story and put her in the city, in a contemporary setting. Use your imagination and we will be more interested in your story! We invite our writers to explore the lesser-known fairy tales, and we are especially excited by non-European stories.

While we will accept submissions that are inspired by the most common classic stories, such as Little Red Riding Hood or Sleeping Beauty, we do expect a high volume of these and we will only publish one version of each. We invite our writers to explore the lesser-known fairy tales, and we are especially excited by non-European stories.

We particularly enjoy erotica with a literary flair. If your language seduces us as much than the juicy bits, we’re going to want to share you with our readers.

What they are looking for:

Original, unpublished work. Previous publication includes your submission being available: on websites or blogs, or in printed anthologies, magazines, literary journals, etc. 5000 words max.

What they pay:

Published authors will receive a paperback copy of the anthology, plus $25. We plan to publish both an e-book and a paperback.

Deadline is March 20, 2016

Submissions should be set to submissions @ two-dames . com

For details, take a look at their submissions page.

4. Unlikely Story’s April Fool’s Mini-issue

Unlikely Story is open to a new issue. They shift their focus around a little and are now looking for stories related to April Fool’s day. Make no mistake, your story needs to be good to get in.

What they are looking for:

For The Journal of Unlikely Observances mini-issue, we’re looking for short fiction of up to 2000 words (we’re willing to bend a little on that limit, but not a lot, for the right story), that incorporate AT LEAST THREE of the following:
power/role inversion
water fights
resurrection, rebirth, renewal
transformation, transsubstantiation
body painting, body art
practical jokes
one of the festivals themselves
We are accepting submissions starting now, and all submissions must be in by the end of 29 February, 2016.

What they pay:

We pay 6¢ per word for original fiction. Payment is made upon publication.

For details, take a look at Unlikely Story’s submission’s page

5. Fey Publishings’ Damsel in Success anthology

Fantasy stories featuring strong female characters

We’ve all read the stories and fallen in love with the movies: the girl needs saving, the boy rescues girl, they fall in love, and they lived happily ever after. But what if the boy was in distress or the girl had dreams that didn’t involve falling in love? Those are the kinds of stories we’re looking for to include in our next anthology. If you have a fantasy story about a strong female character who made her own way or a story that takes a twist on a classic tale, send it our way!

What they are looking for:

Short stories up to 10,000 words that fit the above description. No minimum, but beware that flash fiction has to be pretty damn good to get our attention. No longer than 10,000 words please.

Please submit your story via their online submission portal.

Note: deadline is Jan 31st.

What they pay:

$5.00 per story. There will be an editor’s choice winner that will get placed at the front of the book, have the cover designed specifically with that story in mind and the author will receive a small bonus. So make those stories good.

That’s it. 5 markets that all sound very interesting. No get writing.

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