“Sit down. I’ll tell you”


I just read a great short story. It’s a little disturbing and I don’t think I’ll ever look at sleepwalking the same way again.

The story in question is Megan Neumann’s It Must Feed, in the horror anthology Not Your Average Monster from Bloodshot Books.

NYAMThe story tells the tale of two sisters, Abby and Iris. Iris is a little down on her luck and is living with Abby temporarily while she searches for a job. She is also, much to her chagrin gaining weight despite counting calories and regular exercise.

One night Abby hears an odd banging noise from the kitchen and walks in to see Iris sleep-eating. The plate is empty and the noise is Iris repeatedly banging a spoon against an empty plate and moving it into her mouth.

They take precautions, locking the kitchen cabinets and fridge so Iris will stop sleep-eating and gaining weight. One of my favorite scenes in the book (“favorite” here meaning most-spine-tingling) is when Abby walks in on Iris eating popcorn kernels, her teeth and gums bloody from the kernels tearing her mouth.

And then the story gets really creepy.

It’s the first story in an anthology called Not Your Average Monster. If the rest of the stories are as good as the first, I’m in for a good time.

Also, I have a story in the follow-up anthology, Not Your Average Monster Volume 2, which is out in the final days of February. #Humblebrag

In the meantime, make sure to pick up a copy of Not Your Average Monster and read Megan Neumann’s story.