The Last Policeman – Book Review

The Last Policeman, along with its sequels, was the best thing I read in September. Here’s a little about the book.

The first of a trilogy, The Last Policeman tells the story of Henry Palace, a recently-promoted-to-detective cop in a small town in New Hampshire who is investigating a murder that most everyone else wants to write off as a suicide. Indeed, the case Palace is investigating involves a man found in a McDonald’s bathroom, dead from leaning forward onto a belt tied around his throat. It looks like an open-and-shut suicide. Only, as Palace discovers, the man is wearing another belt.

policeman_winner-cover_Layout 1

The reason the rest of the cops Palace is working with actively want him to just write it off as a suicide is that the world will end in a few months when an asteroid will collide with the earth, killing everyone. So suicides are common now, as people give up on life in droves, or head off to complete their bucket lists. But not Henry Palace. No. He’s going to stick around and solve this case.

The fun in The Last Policeman is half about following Palace as he works the case and half about seeing the author’s vision of how the world would react to the impending end of the world (and, of course, thinking What would I do?). Palace acts like it’s an inconvenience, and almost manages to ignore it completely and just carry on as a policeman.

The Last Policeman, an Edgar award-winner, is the first of three books about Henry Palace and his actions as the world nears its end, and I read them in a wild rush, almost as if the world was ending. I suspect you will too.

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