These Last Embers, Book Recommendation (too bad it’s sold out).


I really like indie publishers, especially ones taking chances in these uncertain times.

Undertow is one of my favorites, and they putting out nothing but quality. This is a chapbook from Undertow, These Last Embers by the very talented Simon Strantzas. This particular copy is signed copy by the author, copy 83 of only 200.

Publishers in the business just to make money don’t make things like this.

These Last Embers tells the story of Samantha, who goes back to visit her parents and her brother only to discover a house in extreme disarray. The house looks like a fire broke out and her brother’s room seems to have turned into a forest, and he is missing. She enters his room to find him. It’s beautifully written and full of dread, perfect for October. Only, it’s sold out. There’s no way for you to get hold of a copy.

The book will be worth a lot of money once Simon earns the fame he deserves.

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