You Start Writing And Then BAM!, Six Years Later….

You start writing a few short stories and then BAM!, six years later a story of yours is selected for inclusion in one of the finest speculative fiction collections out there.

I speak, of course, of The Apex Book of World SF 4. (Which, according to the description on Amazon, is “Now firmly established as the benchmark anthology series of international speculative fiction.”)

The publishers, The Apex Book Company, asked me a few question about the story for their blog, reprented below.

Tell us a little about your story in The Apex Book of World SF 4.

I woke up with the image of a woman made of chocolate one morning, and she was eating herself (she was made of chocolate, after all). I couldn’t get the image out of my head so I wrote a story but the woman being made out of chocolate didn’t make any sense. So I tried it again with the woman being just a normal flesh-and-blood human. This both added to the story’s versimilitude and made the self-cannibalism more of an anomaly. I re-wrote it again, and ended up with “First, Bite Just a Finger,” which sold to the first market I sent it to, Fireside Fiction.

Why do you feel it is important to read stories from around the globe?

Where to start? Reading stories about people who are unlike ourselves increases our empathy for them, decreases our myopic view of the world, and makes us better people overall. There is also a bias in publishing towards the works of white males (yes, I am aware of the irony) so anything we do to correct that bias is important.

If you could tell people to read one author from your home country, who would it be and why?

There is a rather obvious answer to this for me, being from Iceland, but I’m going to recommend the magical and lyrical books of Jón Kalman Stefánsson. They tell stories that really couldn’t take place anywhere but Iceland, and you feel the pain and successes of the characters while also seeing the harsh, unforgiving beauty of the country they live in.

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