The Single Simple Reason You Should Diversify Your Reading

There has been some talk about diversity in reading recently. The girls over at Bookriot have been covering this in the past weeks, and you should totally stop reading this post and go over to Bookriot now to read what they have to say.I’ll wait.

Ok, now that you’re back, I’ll show you a quote I came across recently that captures the reason for divirsifying your reading:

“If the majority of books being held up and pronounced Good and Worthy are by white, straight, cis men, it’s easy to slip into thinking that most good and worthy books are by authors that fit that description.”

– K. T. Bradford,  What I Learned by Adding Diversity to My Reading List

I will add to this the following for those of you now thinking some version of “I don’t pick books based on gender or race, I just read good stories”:

“Professors of philosophy, music, economics and math thought that “innate talent” was more important than did their peers in molecular biology, neuroscience and psychology. And they found this relationship: The more that people in a field believed success was due to intrinsic ability, the fewer women and African-Americans made it in that field.”

(That, from this article: “The Dangers Of Believing That Talent Is Innate“)

Innate talent and “just picking good stories, man” is bullshit. Our own, often unacknowledged, and unknown prejudice is not.

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