Here’s My Work

I’m working on a novel. It’s not the first one I start, but it’s the first I see myself finishing.

Austin Kleon says that I should show my work, so that’s what I’m doing now. Here goes.

So this kid finds a stone that let’s him actually fully enter his own dreams, and by doing so becomes aware that all dreams are connected and together they make up the dreamworld.

Turns out that the nightmares, or someone controlling them, has gotten sick of being on the sidelines and takes over the dreamworld with their army of fears, manifested as giant insects. What this means is that people all over the world no longer dream regular dreams, it’s all nightmares, all the time. People wkae up screaming and after a few weeks stop sleeping altogether.

A drug company re-brands a poorly-selling drug for restless leg syndrome that has the side effect of reducing dreaming as NoDreem, and makes millions. People stop dreaming and as a result the dreamworld becomes a wasteland.

I’d tell you more, but that would give too much away. Now, I’ve fulfilled my plan of blogging more, now I need to write more.

Thanks, Austin, for the inspiration to get both done.

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