Are Genre Short Stories Better Than Novels?

I just interviewed Ellen Datlow for Bookriot, and that interview will be posted sometime next week (probably).

In the meantime, here is Ellen on the power of the supernatural short story versus the novel, a sentiment I agree with.

“I think that fiction of the supernatural works better in the shorter forms for the simple reason that the short form lends itself with great ease and flexibility to an enormous variety of narrative styles and strategies. Novels, while the can be quite chillingly effective, are an entirely different matter. Very few longer works truly carry the power to force the reader to sustain the suspension of disbelief necessary for the kind of stunning, chilling, or flat-out terrifying effect of a great short work.”

The quote is taken from Ellen’s introduction to Inferno, an anthology featuring stories by, among others, Laird Barron, Elisabeth Bear, Joyce Carol Oates and Lucius Shepard.

What do you think? Is the supernatural short story better than the novel?

Also, buy Inferno.

Inferno Cover

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