5 Books Next to Their Opening Lines

The first sentence is the most important part of a book, or so I’m told.

I took photos of five of my favorite books and then added the first sentence. 

Some of them came out very well, like I am Legend, which is fittingly creepy.

I am Legend

Slaughterhouse 5

Something Wicked This Way Comes



These were all made with an iPad app called Over.

7 thoughts on “5 Books Next to Their Opening Lines”

    1. No problem. The text would jump “above” the on screen photo and be unreachable.

      Sometimes the font selector froze or gave me artwork instead of changing the font. On one occasion I couldn’t scroll down to the artwork selector (it kept bouncing up).

      This would often happen again and again, and making these 5 images took quite a while.


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