Skull Session Cover

From Writer Daniel Hecht, Sensible Writing Advice

I read Skull Session by Daniel Hecht WAY back in nineteen-ninety-something, and to this day I’m convinced that I am the only person who has done so.

Skull Session Cover

I had not heard of Hecht before I read the book, and I have never encountered any reference to him since. For a while I thought the man simply didn’t exist. At the time, it was the beautifully gothic cover that got my attention, and the promise of a supernatural thriller that made me buy. It is a really good book, and may very possibly be among the most special books in my collection simply because it feels special.


I found his website (which looks like an antique now. Seriously, check it out) and after digging around I found the following, an answer to the question “How do you write? What techniques or practices do you recommend?”

My best advice to writers: Live a good life. Observe. Engage the world. Ask questions. Read good writing. Be patient with yourself. Seek your own passions and trust them. Take risks. Remember that the best stories are found where forces converge, where multiple interests or concerns or topics collide and create conflict, synergy, spark.

3 thoughts on “From Writer Daniel Hecht, Sensible Writing Advice”

  1. Well, all I can say is that rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated. Skull Session was a best seller all over the world, and some of my other titles were best-sellers in the UK, Holland, and Israel. But I’m flattered that you like the writing advice. I continue to live by it, for better or worse. What have I been doing in the five years since my sixth book, Bones of the Barbary Coast? I’ve just been very “reclusive” (read: misanthropic, anti-social, raising kids, etc.). I’ve also been working on three novels at once, very different from prior work and taking longer. Also wrote some environmental stuff for the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, such as “The Farm Energy Handbook”; did a weekly syndicated column on environmental technology and whatnot, The Green Grapevine, for a couple of years. Also an unusual book project that’s at So much to write, so little time. Am now re-entering the world a bit with a blog – — and some online presence, but am still skeptical of it. Yours is an interesting blog, and I’d like to read some of your stuff — Over and out, Daniel Hecht


    1. Hello Daniel,
      Thanks for the comment. Now that I am aware that you are still alive and kicking I shall endeavor to seek out more of your work. You might find it an interesting coincidence to know that I actually spent three months in Vermont back in 2005, and it is a lovely state, one who’s environmental and social programs I admire (I’m an environmantal peacenik). I’ll make sure to read your blog, Mr. Hecht, and will try to find a book or two of yours the next time I’m on amazon.

      Thanks again for commenting, and for the very good advice.


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