Starting the Day Right

I opened Twitter this morning to find a very special tweet waiting for me.

I am a fan of Cronin’s Passage books (currently The Passage and The Twelve) and so this, a reply from Justin Cronin himself to a tweet he is not even mentioned directly in, pleased me greatly. Seeing as I am also a) easily starstruck (sort of) and b) very much into social media, this felt like a two-for-one. I also like it when authors do something other than just tweeting about themselves, or re-tweeting what others are saying about them. The books being very good helps as well.

I will now add Mr. Cronin (go follow him) to a list of authors who have replied to me on twitter, which includes Margaret Atwood, Brian Aldiss and Neil Gaiman. Twitter rocks.

And now here is an instagram photo of a few lines of The Twelve, where a man has just killed a mutant vampire monster that is usually very hard to kill.

Text from The Twelve by Justin Cronin
A page from The Twelve