Can This Story Save a Child’s Life?

Vincent was missing something when he was born*

“Vincent was born with two holes in his heart. His doctor referred him to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to have heart surgery to correct his heart defect. Even though his surgery was a success, his heart began to fail six years later.

Doctors at Children’s Hospital’s Herma Heart Center placed Vincent on the organ transplant list, but his heart couldn’t wait. He became the first child in the upper Midwest to receive a Berlin Heart. The Berlin Heart buys time for kids waiting for a heart transplant. It does the work of the heart when it can’t function on its own.

Vincent got his heart transplant one week shy of his seventh birthday. He was out of the hospital in just 10 days.”

This is just one of many examples of how the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin has helped kids. And why am I telling you this? Well, a while ago I was asked to write a story, along with three other writers, to help raise money for the hospital. I had the honor of starting it off, and the result is a regular old creepy ghost story, with a haunted house and a ferocious dog named Razor. It also has puppy love, and a girl that just wants to be called Jo.

That story, 10 Mississippi, is for sale now, for  $1.39 ($1.00 of which goes directly to The Children’s Hospital, the rest to PayPal).

So, do something today that may help a child one day. Plus… you get a great story to read.

Buy 10 Mississippi, and help kids like Vincent.

*Vincent’s story is from the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin website.

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