1 Simple Way to Make Your Internet Cleaner

I’m about to clean up the internet for you.

The internet is a beautiful place. But it is also wild and full of warts. Readability is a web app thing for Chrome and Firefox users that can change your whole internet experience, and I’m not even exaggerating. Below is a screenshot of a news story on the Guardian website. The thing to pay attention to is all the extra stuff around the actual story; the ads, the sell-ups, the “Share this” buttons. Everything that distracts from the reading experience.

The right side is an eyesore

Now, when I view the same site using the Readabilty app (my simply pressing a little button at the top-right corner of my browser, suddenly the article looks like this:

See the difference? 

But we’re not done there. In addition to presenting you with whatever you are reading in a more eye-pleasing manner (like blogs with great content but awful presentation; small grey letters on a black background), Readability offers the option to send whatever you are reading to your Kindle. Many a short story I’ve seen on blogs or sites like the New Yorker has been read on my Kindle thanks to Readability. You can send yourself blogposts you run across that are a little on the long side and read them on your Kindle, on the bus or the couch.

Readability really makes my internet more usable. They paid me nothing for writing this, if that’s what you’re thinking now. I’m just a fan.

Get Readability now.