Truth is Darker than Fiction: An Introduction to GARDEN OF FIENDS

This is a guest post by Mark Matthews, editor and publisher of Garden of Fiends, a collection of addiction-themed horror stories. The intoxication from a pint of vodka, the electric buzz from snorting cocaine, the warm embrace from shooting heroin—drinking and drugging provide the height of human experience. It’s the promise of heaven on earth, […]

Authors to Read (Part I)

Originally posted on Laird Barron:
Here are a few books published by small and independent presses that deserve the time and attention of weird fiction/horror fans. A Collapse of Horses Brian Evenson  (great American horror surrealist) Furnace Livia Llewellyn (sex, lies, and body horror) At Fear’s Altar Richard Gavin (master occultist) Ghost Summer Tananarive Due (unsung master fabulist) Skein…